Nic Smith – Bass Guitar

NAME Nic Smith
MUSICAL INTERESTS The Beatles, The Who, Kings of Leon, Stone Roses, The Jam, Pink Floyd, Kasabian, The Doors, BRMC, The Black Keys, Blur, JET, Gomez


I have been into music for as long as I can remember having a very musical family it has always been at hand to listen to something new. Going back to when I must have been only 5 or 6 years old I have always been aware of the Beatles, but also raiding my father’s vinyl collection scratching all his classic T Rex and Stones albums much to his annoyance

I started playing guitar when I was 17 and started playing bass when I was 19 jamming with friends whenever possible and the natural progression was to start a band with capable musicians.

We’ve written some inspirational music, and although our songwriting efforts are yet to be fully recognised, playing songs that we’ve written to a crowd, and seeing them singing along has to be the best feeling. We also continue to develop our writing skills and the passion and desire is still burning, writing more endearing tunes all the time. Its great to see a group of lads with so much energy for music and this shows in our live performance, music is not only there to be appreciated but to let people behave how they perhaps wouldn’t normally behave and jump around like crazy, we aim to capture this mood with every song we write.

If you’ve never witnessed us, do me a favour and come to one show – you might love us, you might hate us, but I can guarantee you’ll be entertained.

I live on the Wirral, which is a hotbed for talented musicians and arguably better than the Liverpool music scene at the moment. There’s nothing better than socialising in the clubs and pubs with likeminded fellows whenever possible.

Basically my life revolves around music, and enjoying a few beverages whenever the mood may take me.