Mark Wright – Lead Vocals

NAME Mark Wright
D.O.B. 23rd June 1983


It’s been 6 drunken years since the invention of Stine Time and the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. We have established ourselves as the biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll band in the Wirral, if not the world, and we are still writing some of the best songs of our generation thanks to the guidance of the Stible (although we now have to tick the plus 25 year old box on forms). Its been a rocky road at times with peaks and troughs, the biggest being playing in front of performing monkeys in New Brighton.

Faith is draining and hair is fading, but before the end we will take the plunge once more. Before we crash and burn and hit middle age we are committed to continuing the show that most critics including the musically unimportant Southport Gazette have said is the best since Hendrix’s performance at Woodstock. More elephants and monkeys to come so watch this stinace…
Music, Peace and Flowers