The Stines





Ever seen that film "Children of Men" where all men in the future give birth to kids for one reason or another? Neither have we, and we're not sure if that's what it's actually about.

But The Stines were born in a similar way. Lead singer Leon Snow was gestating within the stomach of Sly for nine months, before being brought up by the rest of the family stone. Bass guitarist Vince Sylvester gave Noel a term of sheer hell before he popped out into the Gallagher brother's arms.

Johnny Valentine is one of those foreign lot, thrashing around in the stomach of Frusciante, feeling every riff. Oscar Floyd just had to be different - he rented out David Seaman's womb until the 22nd week before getting bored.

These four young men have been borne of music itself and had a gilt-edged education. They are still the best live act on the Wirral.